4th International Lyre Conference – Järna,   Sweden


 “Creative Improvisation”  


31 July- 3 August 2009


The 4th Internal Lyre Conference will take place in the bright summer light of Sweden. 

It will be hosted at the unique premises of the Solvikskolan with its clay houses, located directly by the seaside in a beautiful area just outside Järna, only 40 minutes south of Stockholm.  It is here also that Per Ahlbom lives and works.

On Friday evening the 31st of July, the conference will start with a great public concert in the “Kulturhuset” , adjoining the Rudolf Steiner Seminar in Ytterjärna. 

The theme for this conference is “Creative Improvisation”.  Per Ahlbom will be much involved in the conference and will share with us his knowledge and experience of this theme. 

The three days following the concert, Saturday the 1st, Sunday 2nd and Monday the 3rd of August are workdays.  John Billing, Volker Dillmann, Martin Tobiasen and several other known lyre players, orchestras and builders will also join us from all over the world to lead workshops and give concerts.  Together we will create a festival of the lyre that will carry the impulse of the Lyre and of the previous international conferences further into a creative future.

To make the journey to Sweden even more worthwhile, there is an opportunity in the days after the conference to explore the Stockholm area further in two excursions led by Kjell Andersson: one to Stockholm City – Historical sites and modern pulse / The City on Water.  The other to the beautiful archipelago outside of Stockholm, with its 35,000(!) islands in the Baltic sea. 

Keep an eye out on the web-site  for the link to the official conference web-site of The 4th International Lyre Conference – Järna.  This web-site will be built and taken care of by pupils of Solviksskolan.   Here you will soon find information and further details on the conference. 



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